Saturday, November 28, 2009

What about Joseph?

It's 2 days after Thanksgiving and that means the Christmas season is officially upon us. String up the lights, tinsel, blast the Christmas music. Shopping chaos all around. USPS, UPS & FedEx working overtime to get those packages delivered on time.

This is my favorite time of year. For us, Christmas is more than gifts under a tree, stockings hung by the mantel & Christmas carols. It's about the birth of a Savior. A sweet, precious baby born to save the world - Jesus.

I always wanted to meet Mary, the mother of Jesus, to know her thoughts on being chosen by God to give birth & raise Jesus. Watching His ministry then watching Him get crucified. The heartbreak of seeing her son die, but then the amazement of learning of His resurrection.

Joseph, Mary's husband, is often overlooked throughout the story. He seems to play a very little role in the story of Christ. Yet, I wonder what it must have been like for him too. Learning that his fiance' was pregnant with a child not his; teaching his son the family trade of carpentry. We don't know much about Joseph.

MercyMe sings a beautiful song titled "Joseph's Lullaby". I can picture Joseph rocking his newborn son in his arms thinking these very words, especially the line:
I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight

But Lord, I ask that He for just this moment

Simply be my child

I am so very grateful for the events that took place over 2000 years ago. An event that changed the world. The triumphant birth of a King. The best part: Wise men still seek Him!

Many blessings,

Lyrics | MercyMe - Joseph’s lullaby lyrics

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