Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Trees & God's plan

I'm not really into genealogy, though through a movie (Everyone's Hero) I learned that one of my mother's relatives used to play for the New York Yankees. I think someone on my dad's side played pro baseball too.


Our pastor began a 5-part series titled 'An Unexpected Christmas'. He began the Christmas story with Jesus' lineage from the book of Matthew. Check it out! Most people skip over that part of Matthew because its just a bunch of names. I know I have. Something Andy said though made me understand WHY Matthew began his 'book' that way. He was trying to prove to the Jewish people that Jesus was the Messiah by showing that His lineage was through the line of David & all the way back to Abraham. Fascinating!

One thing that is really unique about Jesus' lineage recorded in the Bible is that Matthew felt it necessary to include a few women. That was unheard of back in those days.

I, of course, had to pick up my Bible and verify. As I scanned for the names, they started popping out at me. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth... These were everyday women that God used in such a BIG way. In fact, our pastor pointed out one more woman in that list.... she's not mentioned by name though. She is simply called "Solomon's mother had been Uriah's wife". Not much of a title is it?

If you know your Bible - which I thought I did - you'd know that Solomon's mother was Bathsheba, who was formerly married to Uriah until King David saw her & wanted her. David then planned to have Uriah killed in battle so that he could have Bathsheba. Who knew!?!?

What am I getting at?

Many of us struggle with God's plan for us. Questioning whether He knows what He's doing. Wondering if He's pushing us just a little TOO far. Debating as to whether God could really use us in His story.

The truth is, He can & He is. God used 'tainted' women like Tamar, Rahab & woman-formerly-known-as-Uriah's-wife to be a part of one of the greatest stories ever told. He also used an amazing woman, Ruth, in that very same story. I know I am happy about that!!! If God can use that assortment of women to tell His story, then He certainly can use ME too!

I may never have a book written about me... I may never be famous or talked about for generations to come (well - my family might). But I am a little part of the greatest story ever told. HIS STORY!

Many blessings,

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