Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall fun

Growing up in New Jersey, I remember we would rake all of our leaves & put them in the street. Then, at some point, a street sweeper would come by - or maybe the DPW. Before that, we would spend HOURS playing in the leaves. Jumping, hiding, sitting. I loved hearing the crunch of the leaves... and the smell of fall. Never once did we worry about bugs, ticks, poops, critters.

Since having kids, I can't say that I've really encouraged my children to play in the leaves. I haven't necessarily DIScouraged it either. Nevertheless, I don't think my children have even done it. That is until recently.

Last weekend, while the husbands were splitting wood at a friend's house, the ladies got together with the kids. My friend, Kristin, had gathered leaves earlier in the day so that her kids could play in them. Man, she's good!!! She piled them up to the top of the swing set slide & all of the kids had a chance to slide down. Mine had a blast!! Of course, I was still worried about bugs & ticks, but as long as they were having fun it just didn't matter.

Even Chelsea got in on the fun. She shed her preteen 'tude and went in head first (literally & figuratively). Justin couldn't get enough. It ALMOST makes me want to blow the leaves in the front yard so they can play again - ALMOST.

Here's to jumping in the leaves & having fun!

Many blessings,

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