Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So very thankful

Today is Veteran's Day.. a day that we should take a moment to stop & thank all of the Vets, young & old, for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

As I sat to reflect on what this day meant to me, I realized just how many people in my life participated in some way, shape, or form instilling freedom in our beloved country. I may not be a fan of our current President, but I DO have the freedom to speak my mind about him, if I so choose. So many other countries do not have that luxury.

One person that came to mind was Craig's grandfather, Bud, who passed away earlier this year. Bud served our country in the merchant marines. While on his ship, it was torpedoed by Cubans. He was lost at sea for days, thankfully to be rescued.

Another person that hopped in my mind was my father, Bob. My dad joined the Army and fought in Viet Nam for 2 tours. I grew up among the monsters of that war and it has only been recent that I've learned more about what he endured over there.

Other relatives have been in the military, so have friends. I am always amazed at the sacrifices people are willing to make in order to keep our country free.

Thank you to all the vets and God bless you!!

Many blessings,

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