Monday, November 30, 2009

Embarassing moment

Throughout life, there are certain songs that remind me of particular events - a soundtrack to my life, if you will.

Tonight, as I tucked my daughter into bed, I heard the song 'Ave Maria' playing on the radio. Instantly, my mind was brought back in time to a most embarrassing moment. Since I wasn't sure what I was going to write today, I thought I would share it with you.

Picture it, Clifton, New Jersey, the year was 2000. While my commute was only about 8 miles, it usually took aboutt 30 minutes to get home. The car I drove back then had a radio, but the dial wouldn't work. Stuck in the middle of a few stations & all I got was static. So, I usually opted to SING on my commute.

I'm sure I looked funny driving down Route 46, my mouth moving a mile-a-minute. Thank goodness for air conditioning - the windows were up & no one could hear that I wasn't actually singing along/listening to the radio.

I had recently been promoted to lead computer operator & given my 1st cellphone. While I might have been working in IT, I was NOT a technology guru. I knew NOTHING about locking the keypad - NOTHING!!! Can you see where this is going?

One day, on my way home from work, I began to sing. Mind you, it's not like I decided to sing a very current/popular song. Nope. I opted to sing - you guessed it - Ave Maria. Not only was I singing 'Ave Maria', I decided to sing it OPERA style. Oooh... and after the first line or 2, I didn't know the words, so I just made them up - pretending I sang in Italian.

Something made me check my cellphone & I had noticed that it was connected to my boss' line. Embarrassed, I said 'hello' & there was no answer. I hung up & didn't think about it again.

The next day, my boss called me into his office. No problem. Picked up a notebook & pen and walked on in. He started telling me that he had received an interesting voice mail the night before & said I should probably hear it. He had this smile on his face... something was going on. All of a sudden, everything CLICKED! Of course he wasn't on the other line the day before while I was 'singing' - it had been RECORDED on his VOICE MAIL!!!

Ohhhh... the HORROR! I was MORTIFIED! He was laughing hysterically. I KNEW he had listened to it - and probably the whole thing. With my luck, he saved it & played it for a few others around the office.

Yep! My 15 minutes of fame.... all on an office voice mail. Needless to say, I learned that day the importance of locking your keypad.

Enjoy the laugh... It's one of my favorite stories to tell about myself.

Many blessings,

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Lynnette Kraft said...

The world needs to read this blog post! My family is in bed and I'm sitting here giggling (trying to giggle quietly). That IS FUNNY!!!!

I wish I could hear you sing Ave Maria. By the way, that is TOTALLY something I'd do. Opera is my specialty! ha!

Thanks for the laugh - before bed even!