Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding Jesus

For the most part, I grew up going to church. We attended Sunday School each week. There were even a few years where I got the perfect attendance pin. I remember learning about the Patriarchs, Joseph's coat & rise in Egypt, David & Goliath and several other 'famous' Old Testament stories. I vaguely remember a story about Jesus walking on water & when he fed the 5,000. What I know I never learned was that knowing Jesus was about a personal relationship with him.

At some point, my family started attending a different church. One that was definitely more charismatic. Each Sunday there would be an alter call. I remember one week raising my hand & going up front. The pastor's son prayed over me. I was SO excited about it, but didn't realize what it was supposed to mean. I think I just like the fact that everyone got so happy. Again, I don't remember learning about Jesus.

It wasn't until my friend, Krista, invited me to her church. Actually, I think the first 'church' thing I went to with her was a Winter Retreat. That weekend, each youth group was to perform some type of skit. Our group chose to act out the Carman song 'Lazarus'. My part was to be one of Lazarus' sisters. The video dates the event. Super corny. But Carman had a way of bringing Jesus to life.

I couldn't get over it! Jesus raised someone from the dead? I needed to know more! I think I drove the youth group leaders nuts with my questions - especially about that song. I just couldn't get enough. That was the beginning of my relationship.

My journey began that weekend. I'd love to say it's been a trouble-free journey, but I'd be lying. Life has been rocky. There were times when I turned my back on Him. Yet, here I am 20+ years later, still learning about my Lord. It's not just about believing in someone, it's about a relationship.

I didn't just find Jesus.... He found me!

Many blessings,

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