Monday, January 4, 2016

Where has the time gone?

Wasn't it just yesterday I saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test (and 4 others after that one)?
Didn't I just give birth to a tiny baby girl, marveling at the amount of responsibility I was being given?
Didn't she take her first step, say her first word?
Didn't she just start kindergarten?

Here I am... January 4, 2016, sitting in a Chick-fil-a Restaurant 2 hours from our home, waiting on our Songbird to complete the last step in her college acceptance journey.

A college has been chosen. Paperwork has been filed. Tests complete. We wait for the acceptance letter. Then we just endure the last 5 months of high school. She'll be a beautiful young woman walking down an aisle to accept her high school diploma. Ready for the next chapter of her life. Ready to spread her wings.

How is that possible?

I'll admit. I'm melancholy about it. I mean, what parent wouldn't be.

All these years I've fought to hold on only to have to let her fly. And fly she will.
God has great plans for her life.

No matter how ready you think you are the time just sneaks up on you.

Hold them closely.... blink and you'll miss it.

Many blessings,