Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New creation

** all scripture is quoted from BibleGateway.com

The Bible is filled with hundreds of stories of men who took a leap of faith for God. I love those stories - they're classics. Abraham, Issac, Moses, Noah.

All too often, I struggle to connect. Sure, I can identify with their weaknesses, but they're still men. Think of the women of the Bible. Ruth, Esther, Mary. They were ordinary women who did extraordinary things out of faith. But how do you identify with the woman who would one day birth our Savior.

Yet there are women in the Bible who people discounted. Women who society tossed to the side. Women who were insignificant - but not to God.

Rahab, the Samaritan woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery. These ladies were working girls; prostitutes. In those days, they would be stone for the life. One was about to be stoned when Jesus stepped in. However, God used these women in an incredible way. Rahab, a mere prostitute, is mentioned in the lineage of Jesus.

I don't know what drove these women to freely give away their bodies, but I can identify. I may not have been paid, but I did freely give away what wasn't mine to give.

God saved those women. Not because they were perfect - no. They were tainted according to society's standards. Used and abused. But He saved them because He loved them. Just like He loves you. He promises to make you a new creation in Him. Your past doesn't matter. It is long forgotten. He is healing those wounds. He will use YOU to further His kingdom. YOU are a vital part of His story.

Many blessings,