Friday, February 21, 2014

To be child-like

I co-lead a group of 6th grade girls at my church. This is my 2nd time around.

I'll admit, the 1st time I decided to lead a group I went kicking & screaming. You see, my friend wanted to co-lead a group together. She promised that I would be a 'silent' partner (hahahaha - silent. RIGHT!) So, I took the step & applied to be a leader.

Sadly, my friend didn't move along with me. But I spent 3 years with a wonderful core group of girls. While my heart was slightly saddened to see them move up to high school, I knew it was time to let them go. It was time for someone else to have an impact on their lives.

So, here I am again. I signed up for another 3 years. It's tough. Especially on the weekends that I work. Instead of going home & going to sleep, I usually go straight to church so I can volunteer and then go home for a little sleep.

This past weekend was our annual local retreat called Walking Wisely Weekend. Church families are kind enough to open their homes to all the different middle school groups for a weekend, house & feed them.

My group has 23 girls on the roster. 20 signed up for the weekend. YIKES!!

Yet 2 weeks before, girls came to church telling my co-leader about a girl in school that was bullying some of the girls. They sat there talking bad about the situation. My co-leader decided to issue a challenge. Instead of talking about the girl, maybe someone should invite her to church. Maybe someone should invite her to Walking Wisely Weekend.

Remember, these are 6th grade girls.

God moved mountains and this girl joined us for the weekend.

The first night, God spoke straight to her heart. She was shocked to learn that God has a plan for her. That even if SHE didn't believe in Him, He believes in her.