Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hookers & Halloween

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would EVER title anything that I wrote like this. However, if you're a Mom and your children dress up for Halloween, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

We have very few rules when it comes to Halloween costumes for our kids. They cannot be scary/evil and they cannot be inappropriate. Sounds simple, right? HARDLY!!!

If you have stepped foot into a costume store recently, you know that costumes have gotten out of hand. Not just for adults either. The children's costumes are pathetic. Sickening really.

My daughter is 10 years old and she's still into Princesses, Dorothy & Tinkerbelle. Yet getting a Halloween costume for her has proven to be a difficult task. Everything in her size is highly inappropriate. We were even temporarily considering a purple witch because it wasn't hoochie.

Society/designers have managed to slut-ify even the most innocent of characters (see Dorothy below). Costumes for Chelsea were either too short, too tight or too revealing. They came up to upper-thigh and featured thigh high stockings. Seriously - THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS!!!!

Now I know that this costume is on an adult, but as I said earlier, Chelsea is a taller/larger 10 year old. She regularly wears a small in women's clothing. Yet a costume company expects us to let her dress like Dorothy on a stripper pole. Or how about Dorothy working a street corner. And do you see those shoes???

This is nothing compared to what else was out there.. Some of the more 'sexier' costumes were even worse.

What is wrong with our society? Why does Halloween need to exude sex? What happened to innocent children cutting holes in Mom's white sheet & going trick-or-treating as a ghost? When I was 10, I dressed like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

We're trying to teach our children about modesty yet it's getting harder & harder each year. How do you compete with the garbage that's out there?

Many blessings,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ready or not: Here I come!!

Several months ago, I filled out an application online to be a volunteer at a local rape crisis center. I never thought of it again. Recently, I have been contacted by the center to begin training. I’m SO excited!! This is exactly the road that I feel led to be on.

A few road bumps have surfaced, but I am doing my best to counteract them; scheduling issues mainly. Yet I feel that I need to do this. This is a great beginning for me.

I’ve started having reservations. Do I really want to air my ‘dirty laundry’ for the world to know? I mean, I am not famous – at all! However, this can impact my family. Right now, my children do not know that part of my life (they’re too young), but eventually they will. Will they be alright with me telling my story? Hubby is VERY supportive – just cautious because he does not want it to affect me in a negative way. That’s understandable.

Then last night I had a revelation. I was chatting with the women in my small group, talking about Pivotal Circumstances. One of them said that I was brave for wanting to go public with my story. I finally realized that it’s not about bravery or even me.

Rape is about control, domination. A rapist isn’t getting off because of the sex, but because o f the control he has over his victim. By being fearful of telling my story, I am continuing to let my abusers have control over me 15 years after the abuse ended. Control that I have fought tooth & nail to regain for myself. I will NOT give that up.

So, I am going to suck it up & I am going to do this training – whether I feel equipped or not. God is in control & He’s watching over me. He will protect my heart & my mind and with His help, I will use the worst years of my life to help others.

Many blessings,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another pet peeve

One thing that I cannot stand is children being ungrateful little brats. Seriously, I don’t think they fully understand the sacrifices their moms & dads make in order to give them a good life.

Granted, you may not live in a mansion or drive a brand-new BMW, but you have a roof over your head, food on the table & clothes on your back. You want something more – GET A JOB!!!

When did we (society) begin to raise a group of children who demand & expect things that are beyond our means? I understand wanting them to have a better life than you did, but seriously – there must be limits.

There is no discipline. Just ‘friendship’. That’s another thing that gets me – parents who are their kid’s friend – not their freakin’ parent!!!! I am all for keeping the lines of communication open with your child – but there should be LIMITS!!

Maybe that’s what this all boils down to – children need limits!!!! They need discipline. I’m not talking a beating (though I have met some kids who could use a spanking or two). I am talking about punishments for when they do something wrong. Not just talking to them about what they did wrong, but actual punishments. You know, no tv or cell phone for a week. Heaven forbid they had to PLAY OUTSIDE for entertainment.

I recently read a blog by a friend’s kid who said that they hated their mom. You know what – that kid is one of the biggest, spoiled brats I’ve ever met. She doesn’t realize the sacrifices that their parents had to make in order to survive. Instead, she pitches a fit because she can’t have the latest technological gadget that costs $500. Here’s a hint honey – get off your BUTT, get a job & start paying rent!!!!

We live in a greedy society and we’re only contributing to the greed.

Many blessings,