Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another pet peeve

One thing that I cannot stand is children being ungrateful little brats. Seriously, I don’t think they fully understand the sacrifices their moms & dads make in order to give them a good life.

Granted, you may not live in a mansion or drive a brand-new BMW, but you have a roof over your head, food on the table & clothes on your back. You want something more – GET A JOB!!!

When did we (society) begin to raise a group of children who demand & expect things that are beyond our means? I understand wanting them to have a better life than you did, but seriously – there must be limits.

There is no discipline. Just ‘friendship’. That’s another thing that gets me – parents who are their kid’s friend – not their freakin’ parent!!!! I am all for keeping the lines of communication open with your child – but there should be LIMITS!!

Maybe that’s what this all boils down to – children need limits!!!! They need discipline. I’m not talking a beating (though I have met some kids who could use a spanking or two). I am talking about punishments for when they do something wrong. Not just talking to them about what they did wrong, but actual punishments. You know, no tv or cell phone for a week. Heaven forbid they had to PLAY OUTSIDE for entertainment.

I recently read a blog by a friend’s kid who said that they hated their mom. You know what – that kid is one of the biggest, spoiled brats I’ve ever met. She doesn’t realize the sacrifices that their parents had to make in order to survive. Instead, she pitches a fit because she can’t have the latest technological gadget that costs $500. Here’s a hint honey – get off your BUTT, get a job & start paying rent!!!!

We live in a greedy society and we’re only contributing to the greed.

Many blessings,

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