Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friendship & marriage

I've been thinking about friendship lately; how do I make an impact in someone's life? Does my definition differ THAT much from everyone else's? Am I too quick to categorize someone as a friend compared to most other people?

While I LOVE living in Georgia and I absolutely ADORE my friends here, I've sometimes thought that I didn't have REAL friendships here. I mean, is there really anyone in my life that I can just call up and say 'Hey, let's go out' and then actually go without anyone having to ask their spouse for "permission"? Didn't I have that sort of thing with my friends in NJ?

God has shown me that I do have friends here - real friends just like I did in NJ. Nothing's changed - well, nothing except the importance of my marriage. Living in NJ, I wasn't really all that interested in working on my marriage. We were fine, weren't we? I would TELL Craig that I was going out with friends, rarely taking into him into consideration.

All of that's changed. While I still love going out with friends, I think about him first. Have we spent enough time together this week? Have I spent enough time with the kids? It's not that I have to ask permission to go out - Craig rarely tells me no. However, it is a respect thing... I respect him & our relationship to make sure nothing else is going on.

Trust me, I'm not winning any 'Wife of the Year' awards anytime soon. I've got a LONG way to go. Every day I try a little bit harder. Every day I ask God to join our marriage; to help me put Craig first.

Wow - this is SO not the direction I thought this entry was going to go. Clearly, God had something else in store.

Many blessings,

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