Friday, November 27, 2009

The beauty of.....

Yesterday, I wrote about my youngest sister, Jessica. Today you get to "meet" my middle sister, Christa.

You wouldn't think that 3 years between siblings would be a lot, but to kids it is a lifetime - especially when there is another sibling only 1 year younger than the the middle. Anyway, because I was only 3 at the time, I don't remember much about Christa's arrival into my life. Quite honestly, I don't remember when I became aware of her presence. In my mind, she was just always there.

Because of her close age with Jessica, I don't think I was necessarily 'needed' in Christa's world. Nor was she needed in mine. We just kind of coasted through life together. Always doing our own things. She was into cheering & I was into softball. The only thing that we really had in common, besides parents, was a volatile relationship with a certain teacher.

My fondest memory of Christa was one of her birthdays. It was summer... and we were older - I was in my 20's. We both happened to have the day off of work & impulsively decided to take a trip to Great Adventure - that's Six Flags to those who aren't from NJ. What a day!! Just the 2 of us, riding rides, doing goofy things like buying pictures from rides, photos in a photo booth, sitting on a GIANT chair. Nothing special, but one of the best days together.

Christa has grown into this amazing woman. She is a talented clothing designer - for herself & close friends. She's got this personality that just lights up a room when she enters. You KNOW she's there! You want to be with her. Her laugh in contagious. She always has a smile. She hides her heartbreak better than anyone I know - which can be a real bummer because you want to be there for her, not after its all over.

She's beautiful & seems comfortable in her own skin. I see a lot of her in my daughter, Chelsea. Little things that only the family would notice - taking other peoples shoes. Yet I love the fact that these 'things' were inherited some how.

I wish we spent more time together. We really don't have any excuses - we only live about 30 minutes from one another. Our lives couldn't be anymore different though. She's a city girl & I'm content in the country. When we are together, I just want to hug her. No matter what we are doing together, we always wind up having fun.

I'm lucky to have Christa as a sister. I look forward to growing old with her... it will definitely be an adventure!

Many blessings,

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