Friday, November 20, 2009

The price of beauty

I don't remember comparing myself to the famous women I'd see in a magazine when I was growing up. Yes, I did get Seventeen, but I didn't strive to be like anyone in it. Maybe it's because I was skinny back then. What did shape my 'view' of myself were my friends & family. I wasn't immune to a distorted self-view... far from it.

Raising a daughter in today's society is tough. The media has become more & more present & in-your-face. Images of 'beautiful' women are everywhere; magazines, billboards, commercials, videos. We can't escape them. It's hard to counter the lies that society tells are young women.

Perfect example. Study this recent magazine cover of Demi Moore.

Notice anything missing?? How about her hip?

In yet ANOTHER Photoshop debacle, our beloved media manages to go a little TOO far with tweaking their cover.

It's no wonder our girls have a higher percentage of eating disorders. They are striving to be AN AIRBRUSH IMAGE! Impossible!! Unattainable!

If I'm honest with you, I'd say that I was happy for these errors. FINALLY, parents are armed with PROOF that the images seen in a magazine are fake.

Parents, grandparents & friends, I urge you to use this to your advantage with the girls in your life.

Many blessings,

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