Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adding to the brood...

Compared to my husband's family, I come from a rather large family. There were 3 kids in my family, not to mention the numerous foster siblings at any given time. Couple that with 7 cousins on my mom's side of the family & 4 on my dad's side. A family gathering could be quite an event.

Since having my own children, I've wanted a large family. Well, not Jon & Kate large, but larger than 2. God has blessed me with 2 beautiful & healthy children. Yet, I yearn for more. I know what you're thinking - just have more. I wish it were that easy.

One thing I remember from growing up (and it even happens a little now) was the sibling jealousy. Not feeling like Mom's favorite. Living in a family with 3 girls - it was hard to be a favorite. That's where my children come in. Because I have been blessed with a girl AND a boy, I can honestly tell my children that they are my favorite daughter/son. Sneaky - I know! Thinking of adding to my family would through that whole plan off! Hahahaha....

Plus, I was concerned at how my kids would do with adding another child to the mix. Justin has been SO used to being the 'baby', how would he react to no longer being the baby?

Why do I worry??

As you can see from this picture, Justin is in love with Alaina. Granted, I know that Alaina isn't ours & it's totally easy to love someone that doesn't LIVE with you, but he really does love her. He even asked me to have have another baby so he can share his room.

And Chelsea? HEAVEN ON EARTH! The thought of someone else to love just brings joy to her heart.

So, with starting the fostering process, I've chatted with my kids a bit. I wanted to know what THEY thought about it. I mean, they are the ones who would be doing the sharing. Chelsea loved the thought of being able to have an older sibling. Someone to protect her & look after her. After assuring Justin that we weren't looking for a foster home for HIM, that WE would be a foster home to a child, he's on board too!

It's a long process. One that will take months. But I know that God is preparing the way. Opening up our hearts and choosing just the right child to live with us.

Many blessings,

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Criss T said...

I have 1 son and 1 daughter and I do the SAME thing! I tell them they are my favorite son and favorite daughter!