Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You gotta have girlfriends....

God created us to be relational. We are not to be alone. We should be 'doing life' with other people; be transparent & let others in.

That's the beauty of having girlfriends!! These are the friends in your life who look out for you. They're the ones you can call when you need to cry, they'll drop whatever is going on & meet you for Starbucks. They listen to what's NOT being said.

Throughout my life, I have been truly blessed by the friends that I've had. Each person has played a pivotal role in my life - some were good & some not so good. But each one holds a special place in my heart. There are friendships that I wish I still had & friendships that I have and know I shouldn't.

So, I got to thinking... where are Kate's girlfriends? How sad that she has gone through this media circus alone. When she started her show 'Jon & Kate plus 8' where was her best friend telling her what a mistake she was about to make? When her marriage started going south, where were her friends to tell her to drop the show & focus on the marriage? Instead, she's surrounded by "handlers" who supposedly have her best interests at heart. But do they really???

Dear friend, I thank God for you & the role that you have played in my life. I am blessed by what we've been through and cannot wait to see what is to come. Thank you for letting me trust in you so that I can be ME... transparent & open. I pray that I have given you that same safe place.

Many blessings,

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