Sunday, December 13, 2009

Words cannot express...

This post had a TOTALLY different direction when I started. I was going to write about the wonderful time we had at Classic Christmas at Browns Bridge Community Church last night. I wanted to talk about the musicians that shared their talented with us, so I started looking online for their individual websites. But then, God changed my plans.

Casey Darnell was one of the 6 musicians that performed last night. As I perused the internet looking for his website, I stumbled across this nugget of beauty.

The sound quality is terrible, but it's what's going on in the front row that speaks volumes to my heart. On the Front row...witness 2 guys worshiping their hearts out to the song "Mighty to Save" being lead at Buckhead Church by Casey Darnell and Carlos Whittaker. One of the guys on the front row has severe Cerebral Palsy... in order for him to stand on his own, the other guy is holding him up so they can STAND and worship together.

It reminds me of our relationship with God. When we can't stand, God is there to lift us up.

Many blessings,

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