Friday, December 18, 2009

Mean Girls

***Disclaimer: I do not think that my children are angels***

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I need to share the latest in the Mean Girl saga.

There isn't necessarily ONE mean girl. There are a few - I think any girl can switch into Mean Girl mode at any time. This story happens to be about Mean Girl E*.

Not quite sure who started it, but a few of the girls in 6th grade decided to do a Secret Santa among themselves. Someone went around with slips of paper with girls names on them. Thankfully they were sweet/smart enough to put a $15 limit on the gift! Anyway, when it was time for Chelsea to draw a name, she managed to draw her own name (she's got my luck). She was alright with it, but the girl with the names said no, draw again. This time she picked a name of a friend, K.

Throughout the past few days, it came to Chelsea's attention that E had picked her name. E & Chelsea have had a hot/cold relationship over the past year or so. More hot than cold. We've advised her to keep her distance - be nice, but don't kill yourself trying to get E to be your friend either. E then opted to DROP from the Secret Santa because she didn't want to have to get Chelsea anything. NICE!!!

Mom mode immediately kicked in. If E isn't going to participate, then the girl who is supposed to get a gift for E should then just get a gift for Chelsea instead. That's only fair. Why should E get a gift and Chelsea not just because E decided to be a Mean Girl.

Not sure how that played out. Chelsea did call me today to tell me that ALL of the girls in the Secret Santa got together & got a gift for her. They didn't want Chelsea to not get anything. This brought tears to my eyes. My daughter was SO excited about her gift - she couldn't wait to get home & show me. These girls - so sweet & kind - thought of my child. They didn't want to let E ruin the experience for her.

In the midst of a sea of Mean Girls there are a gaggle of girls who opted to build a friend up instead of letting someone tear her down.

THAT is just another glimpse as to what Christmas is all about.

Thank you girls for thinking of my child.

* Names have been omitted to protect the mean girl (and myself since I don't want to get in trouble for slander or whathaveyou and someone who knows E may read this)

Many blessings,

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