Sunday, December 6, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Since we've been married, Craig & I have always had a real tree for Christmas.

Back in NJ, we'd gather up the family, in-laws, friends and caravan out to western NJ to cut down our own tree. MIL would pack a thermos of hot chocolate and we'd tailgate after we all got our tree. Right down the road from the tree farm was a little country store. We'd stop there on the way home for a little homemade treat and maybe even pick up a wreath.

Even with the move to Georgia, we still managed to have a real tree, though it usually came from Home Depot. Nice, but just not the same. There is a tree farm right down the road from us, but we weren't all that impressed with the trees there. And forget about the prices!

Last year, friends of ours told us about a tree farm in North Carolina, just on the GA/NC border. It's about a 75 minute ride. So, we loaded the van & headed out. Beautiful trees!!! And the prices were/are outstanding!

We did the same thing this year too!! Even invited some friends to come along. No hot chocolate, maybe next year. Craig took the kids (I had a dr. appt.) and they picked out the largest, fattest tree we've ever had!
Today we finally decorated it! We need to pick up a least 1 more strand of lights and maybe 2 more boxes of candy canes to make it complete. It's still beautiful! We love getting out the decorations and looking at all of the ornaments. The kids have gotten ornaments every year since their birth, so they love to see the different ones they've collected over the years.
As beautiful as the tree is, Craig & I cannot wait until tonight to see it in the dark. You know that moment in time, the kids are in bed, the sun has gone down, the lights are off except for the ones on the tree.

I can't wait!

Many blessings,

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