Thursday, December 31, 2009

My favorite sound

Like the majority of people, we have a CD player in our van. For the past few months (since October), we've kept the newest Fee CD in there - it's our favorite!

Each of us has our favorite song(s) & like to hear them over & over again. Some of us even sing to them - loudly!! (Gee, I wonder who?)

As of Christmas, we've had a new favorite CD - Awake by North Point. I've spoken about this one before. Once again, we all have favorite songs.

Chelsea's newest favorite is 'A Mighty Fortress' sung by Cori Moon. While I like the original recording by Christy Nockels, the musical arrangement on the Awake CD just adds to it.

Anyway, every time we're in the van, Chelsea requests to hear song 11 - 'A Mighty Fortress'. If you really stop & listen, you can hear her singing to the song. Praising her Heavenly Father without restraint. She sings her heart out to Him and it's a beautiful sound.

I love listening & watching people openly worship God. They don't have to sing on key or clap to the beat; all they have to do is release their heart to their Father.

Pop in a great worship CD and listen to your kids sing.

It's the most beautiful sound in the world!! I promise.

Many blessings,

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