Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Benefits of a small group

Before attending North Point Community Church & Browns Bridge Community Church, I never heard the term "small group". When we first decided to give small group a try, I remember kicking & screaming the WHOLE way. However, as usual, God had different plans for us.

Small groups are a group of people that you do life with. You share the good & bad. Your life is transparent to them. It's more than just another group of friends. It's SO much more.

Here we are, 5 years later and we lead our own small group. It's actually a SMALL small group. Right now there are only 2 other couples. But this small group has become an extension of family. In just the short amount of time that this particular group has been together, we've experienced good & bad; loss of jobs, marital issues, etc. Yet, we're there for one another - just like family.

Last night is a perfect example. Chelsea had a chorus concert at school. She asked us to extend the invite to our small group friends; so we did. What a blessing it was for them to show up with their children to help us celebrate our daughter! While it meant a lot to Chelsea that Craig, Justin & I were there, I think it meant even more to have Kristin, Danny, Andrew, Katelyn, Adam, Amanda, Dylan & Cadence there too!

That's what small group is about. Being there for one another. Sharing the small moments in life along with the BIG ones. Helping one another out during a time of need. Being that shoulder. Going out for coffee or midnight Christmas shopping. It's what God had planned for us. He created us to be relational.

Church is not about sitting in rows each & every Sunday. It's about sitting around a table, getting to know one another, sharing life & learning more about Him.

Our marriage is stronger because of small groups. My life is better because of small group. I encourage you to find a small group - doesn't have to be church related. Find a group of people that you can be yourself with. People that you can truly let into your life, that you feel safe with.

I found mine.

Many blessings,

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Elizabeth said...

We (my hubby and I) go to a small church down the street from your church... wow... such a small world!