Friday, December 4, 2009


Call me a Scrooge. Say I'm a Grinch. But I just cannot understand the JOY over having an 'Elf on a Shelf'.
These things are ALL the rage right now. Families have MULTIPLES of these monsters floating around their home, reeking havoc on their lives.

These creepy little dolls 'come to life' and destroy your home. Leaving messes where ever they go. Nothing is safe; not your toilet paper, flour, NOTHING! It's gotten to the point that they are now attending school, demolishing classrooms while the students are at lunch.

Seriously??? I do not need ANY help making a mess in my home. Neither do my kids. We can barely get them to clean up the messes that THEY make. Someone expects me to have them clean up a mess that an elf made. HA!

The elf reports back to Santa on the behavior of the kids... why can't their be a nice angel, sitting softly on a shelf be the one to report back? Does it have to be a mischievous elf? Why not a simple reindeer? Doesn't Santa need these elves back at the North Pole to make the toys & load up his sleigh?

I'm saying it here, in black & white: this family will not host an elf this year. We will not host an elf next year either. Santa can keep his pointy-eared pals up in the north or send them to someone else's house. Fine with me!!

Looks like I'll be on his 'naughty' list now.

Many blessings,

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