Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gift of love

Every so often, I have fleeting thoughts of the child I miscarried almost 2 years ago. In March 2008, I didn't know I was pregnant and miscarried. As much as I know that it was for the best, it really broke my heart. That baby would have been due around Christmas/early January.

This past November, I had the tremendous honor of watching a friend's daughter. Ava is a beautiful 11 month little girl, full of spunk! While watching Ava one day, I realized that the baby that I had lost would have been the same age. While Ava isn't mine, it blessed me to have time with a child the same age as the one that I lost.

I am so thankful to my friend for giving me that time with Ava. I will cherish it always. Seeing her zip around the house in a walker was just priceless for me.

What a blessing to have a friend like this... who unknowingly gave me such a special gift.

I cannot wait to be able to pass that gift on to someone else one day as we open our home to foster children. The gift of LOVE.

Many blessings,

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