Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger's "fall from grace"

Unless you've been living in a cave - actually, I'm sure Osama even knows about this - you've seen the press coverage about the newest scandal. Seems as though Tiger Woods may have cheated on his wife.

Whether he did or not is really none of my business. Quite honestly, it's NO ONE's business. This should have stayed between him & his wife. However, because the media doesn't want to discuss REAL issues, we get to hear all about Tiger's fun. Oh joy!

I am deeply saddened to hear about his indiscretion. Yet another marriage destroyed by the prince of lies. My prayer for the Woods is that they seek counseling for this. Marriage is a fight - daily. It's not a walk in the park. You can't just 'coast' in a marriage and think you're successful. It takes a lot of hard work by husband AND wife.

I'm not even sure what the big deal is. Why? Just because he's Tiger Woods. Seriously? Because he's got a great golf game, does that make him immune from sin? We need to remember people - HE IS HUMAN! And because he is human, he will make mistakes. We all do.

Instead of beating this man into the ground, we should be lifting him & his wife up in our prayers. Think of their love & their children. Personally, my prayer is that they can eventually work past this.

As for our media - seriously, is there nothing else you can report on??? What about health care or the decision to send MORE troops? How about what is going to be done for the jobless out there? Tiger isn't going to pay my bills... report about something that affects my life.

Why must the media attempt to destroy people's lives? Obviously, people can do that on their own; they certainly do not need the MEDIA's help with it. Are our lives better off because we know about Tiger & his wife?

Many blessings,

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