Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas with Mima

We got a surprise visit from my mom this week. An impromptu gathering. We didn't do much - no sightseeing or marathon Wal-Mart shopping. Mom just needed a quick getaway.

Because we won't get to see Mom during Christmas, she opted to bring the kids Christmas gifts with her. We never said a word to the kids - if we did, you KNOW they would have been driving us nuts as to when they would be getting them.

Sneakily, she brought them into the house, wrapped them & hid them behind our tree. I don't think they noticed until AFTER dinner last night. Of course, THEN they couldn't wait.

Both kids LOVE their gifts. Chelsea got a super cute pair of black boots. Had to break them in for them to fit, but now that they are I don't think we'll ever get them off of her. She wore them to school today with her skinny jeans. VERY CUTE!!!

I think even Craig approved of them - no heel, not trashy looking. Mom did a GREAT job!!!

Justin's gift required prior approval. Hahahaha!! Mom decided to get him a Red Ryder BB gun - you know the one. "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" Yes, the one from 'A Christmas Story'. Justin cannot wait to get outside & shoot at something. Thankfully, Mima AND Craig schooled Craig in weapon safety. Last night, he went to bed reading the Red Ryder comic book that came with it and tonight he is reading the owner's manual. TOO FUNNY!!!
My sister, Jessica, sent her gifts to the kids too. Chelsea couldn't help but be excited at her gift. Jessica hit the nail on the head with it! 3 makeup bags LOADED with nail polish & lip gloss (prior permission given). Justin got a new Indiana Jones Wii game & a pair of finger-less gloves that turn into mittens.

I am so thankful that our families respect us enough to ask about certain gifts BEFORE giving them to the kids. I hear horror stories from friends and remember how blessed we are.

Pictures will follow of the gifts in use. I'm sure they'll get LOTS of use this weekend.

Many blessings,

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