Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The blessings of friendship

One of the best things in life, next to a great husband & wonderful children, is having a best friend. Someone you can just sit & chat with about nothing in particular.

When we first moved to Georgia, I was devastated at leaving behind my 3 best friends - The Posse. We did most everything together - stamped, scrapbooked, retreats. Even our husbands and children were friends.

I longed to find that in Georgia, but knew it would be difficult. Heck, it had taken me a while to find that in Jersey.

God was faithful and brought friends into my life when I needed them most. Scrapbook & stamping friends; great girl's night out at one another house crafting & chatting away. Starbucks getaways are typical now - we try for once a week (or at least it seems that way). Once again, our husbands & children have become friends so FAMILY get-togethers are more frequent.

I am blessed beyond measure at the friendships that I have. I still miss my NJ friends, but am so thankful that God provided GA friends too. To quote one of my favorite movies: "My cup runneth over" - Hope Floats

Many blessings,

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