Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give me a call....

A few years after moving to Georgia, we opted to get rid of our home phone & only use cellphones. Craig & I both have one. 99% of the time, if my MIL wants to talk to the kids or something, she calls Craig. I could probably count on 2 hands how many times she's called MY phone since living here.

That is until recently.....

My mother-in-law has FINALLY entered the 21st century! She got internet at her house which came with a FREE laptop. NICE DEAL - right? SURE. However, because of my background in IT/computers, I have become my MIL's personal IT guru.

Not sure how to open up an email? Give me a call.

Not sure what SPAM is? Give me a call.

Have 4 friends 'peeking' on you? Give me a call.

Want to bookmark a website address? Give me a call.

Are you seeing the theme here... GIVE ME A CALL.

I don't mind helping her. It's kind of funny actually. Trying to figure out what she's looking at while I'm 6 or so states away is a challenge.

Here's a typical conversation:

MIL: What does it mean that 4 friends peeked at me?

ME: Umm, not sure. Where do you see that?

MIL: On my email page.

ME: Is it IN an email?

MIL: No, just on the page. Oh, and I have 1 online friend. I think it's you.

ME: Yep, it's me. (Go on to explain yahoo IM/email feature).

MIL: So, should I see what friends are peeking at me?

ME: No, I don't think they're really friends.

MIL: I'm gonna look.

ME: I wouldn't. Wait... is it a little box at the top of your email page with a picture of a random person?

MIL: Yes, do you know them too?

ME: NO!! It's just an ad. You don't know them. TRUST ME!!!

I have a feeling I'll be hearing from her a LOT more frequently now. Just tonight, she had to go because she was getting another call... which means she'll call me back.

Ahhh... the benefits of knowledge.

Many blessings,

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