Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday before Christmas

Twas the Monday before Christmas
Not much on my mind.
I know should be blogging
Can't leave readers in a bind.

That's about as much of a poem as you're going to get this year. It's almost 11pm and don't have any creative synapses firing.

One thing I have decided this year is that I will NEVER go into a retail store just a few days before Christmas ever again! Holy Cow!! Last minute shoppers everywhere, only the minimal amount of check-out lanes available. Shelves picked clean. Thankfully, we didn't need anything Christmas related. New fireplace log holder for inside the fireplace - not sure what that's called. Ooh, and some new towels for the master bathroom. Which then lead to a discussion on painting, which lead to bringing home paint samples.

Visited 3 different WalMarts today. Well, technically it was only 2 different ones and then ordered something from, but we'll go with 3. Bought Pablo a new dog bed that he doesn't like. It's supposedly CHEW RESISTANT. We'll see about that! Clearly they haven't met our dog... wonder if we can get our money back once he manages to eat it?

My son is TOTALLY his mother's child. He wanted to read the 2nd book in the Harry Potter series, however it was checked out at the library. We put his name on the waiting list - thankfully he's 1st in line. Unfortunately, he refused to find another book to read in the interim. Heaven forbid he was to read book 3 in the series either (which was in). That he gets from me though. I can't read a series out of order - it just doesn't flow for me. My brain NEEDS to know what happened prior to get us to where we are.

Chelsea wanted to read books about ghosts but couldn't remember any of the titles that she saw at school. Then she couldn't pick a book to read. So, we all went home empty-handed from the library. Shocking, especially for me. I usually leave there with AT LEAST 10 books for myself.

That's about the extent of our day. Just lots of running around. Finally mailed our Christmas cards - thankfully they won't be New Year's cards.

Sorry its a bunch of nothing!

Many blessings,

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Criss T said...

Have you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia? They are not published in chronological order. So I read them in order of the series, and then re-arranged them in chronological order and read them all again! That was a long, long time ago!