Sunday, January 31, 2010

How great is our God

Every so often I am able to witness something that is SO incredible - baptism.

Each time, I get to hear how God has worked in someone else's life. How He has picked up the broken piece of their lives and made them whole again. This week - really I can't fully express it with words. Today, I witness this transformation in a high schooler.

Let me tell you about him.

I'm not really sure of his name, but I know who he is. Each Sunday, he leads a group of 5th grade boys. I'm not sure of the impact he has on those boys, but he has had a TREMENDOUS impact on me.

Every so often he'll sit in the front row at the 11am service. During worship, you can SEE him pour his heart out to the Lord. He is SO in love with our God. Once I even told him how uplifting it is when I see him praise Him.

Today we heard his story.

He's lived a tough life. Yet when he met the Lord, his life was transformed. He WALKS to & from church each Sunday. He arrives at 6am and doesn't usually leave until 7pm. Each Sunday!!! He loves His God SO much that he is willing to serve in any way possible.

To watch him proclaim that Jesus is his Lord & Savior left me speechless & in tears.

That is what it's all about - our church. It's about bringing people into a GROWING relationship with Jesus Christ.

My prayer for you is that you encounter someone's life transforms yours.

Many blessings,

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Elizabeth said...

Does your chrurch have a Ladies Bible Study?