Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Darn it

Oh well.. so much for blogging 365 days. That doesn't mean I'm gonna stop blogging. Hardly!

Sorry I haven't updated recently. It's been a wonderfully busy weekend.

Friday, as always, was our couples Bible study. I love getting together with our small group. Right now, we're small but we have become great friends. We've split up - men & women - doing separate studies. The women are studying Ruth & Esther. I would LOVE to recommend this book, but we're not enjoying it. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't know ANYTHING about Ruth or Esther (I'm an Esther junkie - thanks to Ginger Garrett).

My youngest sister, Jessica, & my niece came for a weekend visit. My kids LOVE spending time with their cousin, Jasmine. I think they watched TV and played Wii all weekend. My middle sister, Christa, came for dinner with her boyfriend. Then it was off to Wild Wings to meet up with Christa's friend for drinks, wings & music. Of course, I was the designated driver for the night - which I didn't mind. I actually find that I have more fun when I'm not drinking... always get to laugh at the drunks.
Jessica, Christa, Allison

Sunday was church and the dinner with my sisters. Baked ziti made by Craig - YUMMY!! I love his cooking. Then we followed the meal with homemade chocolate shakes made by Brian, Christa's boyfriend.

It was sad to see Jess & Jazz go home yesterday. I wish there was just one more day. Honestly, if I had one more day, I would have wanted another one. Darn it - they just need to move to Georgia. :)

Today was a lazy day, spent resting from the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow I'll actually accomplish something.

Many blessings,

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