Sunday, January 24, 2010

I feel free..

I always talk about being transparent. I find that it is fairly easy to be transparent on my blog because 1) does anyone actually read this & 2) will I ever really meet you in real life.

But tonight was a test of my transparency.

I went to my 2nd OA meeting. The 1st one was painless so I decided to go back for more. Amazingly enough, still painless. However, when you participate in speaking of any sort, most people introduce themselves "Hi my name is.... and I am a compulsive over-eater" (remember this is based upon AA).

I have no problem blogging about my eating problem and I've gotten a LITTLE better with saying it to friends & family. It's the whole admitting it to a group of strangers that I take issue with. I'm SO afraid that they're all going to GASP at my announcement (yes, I know full well that everyone there struggles with compulsive over-eating. That's not the point.)

But tonight, I did it. "My name is Allison and I am a compulsive over-eater". Imagine my 'surprise' when no one gasped or ran in horror. I was simply greeted with a friendly "Hi Allison".

It's a baby step.. one of many steps I need to take. But it felt SO freeing to finally admit it publicly.

I look forward to my next meeting.

Many blessings,


Joyeful said...

You don't know how much you've inspired me by sharing this. Sometimes we're so scared to admit our struggles (especially in front of a group!) but oftentimes God uses our admission and humility to free others.

So proud of you, Allison!

Elizabeth said...

How is following WW going for you? I am so glad you took that step... keep up the good work!