Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm leaving...

...on a jet plane.

No, not really. But I couldn't come up with a catchy title for this entry.

It's been on my heart for quite some time to do a mission trip, specifically as a family. How wonderful to be able to travel together, showing God's love & teaching my kids a lesson too.

For some reason, my heart is telling me this is the year. There are a few trips scheduled for families that seem of interest to me. One is to Mexico & the other is Peru.

Why am I not jumping on board with both feet? Money. We would need about $9000 for all 4 of us to go. Granted, we wouldn't be responsible for that. I know that. I also know that God will provide - He always has.

I'll admit it. I'm scared. What if we don't raise all the money? We cannot afford to pay the balance. I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least apply and get details.

I also need to talk to Craig about it. I know that he was wanting to go on a trip with high schoolers. How would this fit into that plan? I just don't know.

Please join me in prayer to seek wisdom about this.

Many blessings,

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