Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Because of Love

For several years now, I've been wanting to participate in some kind of walk. My interest has been breast cancer because my paternal grandparents BOTH had to have mastectomies. I've been toying with either joining the 3-Day with Susan G. Komen OR the 2-Day Avon Walk. However, the thought of being responsible for raising $1800 - $2400 has scared me. I am responsible for the remaining balance, if I do not raise that money. I don't know about you, but I am NOT in the financial place to agree to that.

After talking with my youngest sister, Jessica, I decided to research walks for Lupus. Our middle sister, Christa, has been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus. Who better to walk in honor of!!!

So, I did it! I signed up. I made my own team & set my own fund raising goal. I'm hoping to get more people to join my team - so I can walk with people I actually know. Either way, I just cannot wait until May and I can get out there and WALK!

My guess is I should probably start training.. not sure how long/far the walk is. Doesn't matter. I'm happy just to be doing it & raising awareness. Winds up that Lupus hits close to home on many levels.. My best friend from high school has Lupus and just yesterday I found out that another childhood friend has been diagnosed with it as well.

Please keep this in your prayers as I prepare for this walk. I know its still 4 months away, but I want to treat this just as serious as I would anything else. Wait - ok, I've got to keep this serious.

Many blessings,


Elizabeth said...

this is great! I am so excited for you to be taking this step... I need to get involved in something like this... let me pray about this walk and speak with my husband and I will let you know!

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

I would LOVE to have you join.... my theory is 'The more the merrier'. Sounds like my sister, Christa, is going to do it and she's going to get some of her friends in too.