Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow day

The whole crew is home today because of the snow. Well, I think it's more because of the ice. Either way, they're all home.

You would think that they would be bored being at home again. I mean, they JUST went back to school after having 2 weeks off. Nope! They loved it.

Chelsea is our outside girl. She gets bored quickly in the house & loves to play outside. Justin, on the other hand, we have to bribe him to go outside. Of course, Chelsea wanted to play outside in the snow. At first, Justin gave us a problem, but then we couldn't keep him INSIDE!

Someone in the neighborhood brought out sleds & the kids spent the afternoon sledding down the road. No, there's not enough snow, but there sure is plenty of ICE!

They've already asked if they could play outside tomorrow - which is a shock coming from Justin.

Even Pablo got in on the fun. He's probably only seen snow 2 - 3 times in his puppy life. He had SO much fun!!!! I wish we could trust him to NOT be on a leash. I would have LOVED to let him run & play with the kids.

Maybe I'll actually get outside tomorrow...

Many blessings,

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