Monday, February 1, 2010

Hold me accountable....

Several years ago, while watching Oprah, I took up a cause. One that bans driving while talking on the cellphone. There was a particular story that broke my heart - the loss of a 2 year old child because of a distracted driver - featured that day. From that moment on, I vowed that I would NEVER talk while driving.

Then, hands free technology was introduced. But those cords - what a PITA! Along came the Blue Tooth. I don't know about you, but I think I have weird ears. They don't stay in & aren't all that comfortable.

Needless to say, I became less interested in the cause.

A few months ago, a former co-worker was killed in a car accident. It was suspected that he had been texting while driving, swerved into oncoming traffic & killed instantly. That was enough to make me think twice about texting while driving. Of course, my kids are constant reminders too.

Enter Oprah once again... while checking out my Twitter page and what people have been Tweeting, I saw that Oprah was at it again.. This time, it's not just about talking while driving; texting too.

The statistics are amazing... talking while driving is equivalent to driving while drunk.

Anyway, find out more for yourself. Very rarely do I plug anything that Oprah does, but this one re-opened my eyes. I want to share it with you so that I do not hear another story about someone I know losing their life while driving - especially over something so not necessary as texting or talking.

This is going to be tough for me. Anyone who knows me knows that the only time I talk on the phone is when I'm driving. At the moment, I do not have a hands free device (yes Mom, I DO have the Blue Tooth you gave me but my current phone is not Blue Tooth compatible). This means, if you get a call from me & it sounds like I'm driving MAKE SURE that I am using a hands free device (you can always tell). If I'm not, HANG UP ON ME!!!

Many blessings,

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