Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful music

When my daughter was getting ready to head off to middle school, the music department really did a BIG push with chorus & band. Chelsea, lover of music, decided to join the chorus.

Joining chorus has really helped bring her out of her shell. Not that she's a wall flower, but she's found her element. She found the courage to try out for the statewide honors chorus (something I never would have done). There were only 3 positions (well, 6 really since 3 alternates were chosen). Chelsea was chosen as an alternate. Not sure what that entails - probably nothing as of right now. She was also selected to be one of 15 6th graders to represent her school in the Forsyth County Honors Chorus.

The County Honors Chorus recently held a performance. Middle school chorus students from all over the county (5 schools total) came together on one day, rehearsed together for the 1st time and performed later that same night. These kids were amazing!!!


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