Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How excited am I!?!?!

Seldom do I enter contests online. I mean, there are millions on people online & the chances of me winning something are literally 1 in a million.

One thing I do do is read blogs. I love reading them! I have a few favorites that I read daily and then there are a few that I pop in now & then just to play catch up.

Lynnette's blog is on my favorites list. I want to be her when I grow up! Well, I want to be as good a photographer as she is. And I LOVE her story.

I'll make this LONG story short. I was blessed to win a prize from Lynnette's blog for the month of January! A gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl.

I'm not a jewelry person... but when I saw their stuff, I just fell in love! I'm all about personalized items. I had even emailed my husband a 'list' of Valentine gift ideas featuring a beautiful necklace from The Vintage Pearl. I hope he didn't buy it yet, but if he has I KNOW I can find something else from their collection that I just HAVE to have!

Today, I'd like you reintroduce you to Lynnette and introduce you to The Vintage Pearl.

Lynnette's story is one of love & heartbreak and God's love. She's been an inspiration to me. And if you're looking for unique personalized gifts, then The Vintage Pearl is the place!!! Just think birthdays, new baby, Mother's Day, anniversaries.. the possibilities are endless!

Many blessings,

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Linda said...

Allison I am Lynnette's mom and I am so glad that you won the giveaway!

I love blogging too and it is great to meet nice people like you.

Lynnette is a ton of fun! God has turned her mourning into dancing...and she truly is a joyful person.

Our God is so good!

I loved how you said that you want to be her when you grow up! That was cute.

Have a good day!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits