Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm raising a tween-ager

Actually, I think I might be raising 2 of them!

Chelsea has hit the 'tween-age' years first. What an adjustment! For the whole family - though I don't think Justin really notices. Chelsea's anxious to become a teen. Craig's is fighting it every step of the way. Me? I'm just there. Some days I can accept it and then there are days where I'm in denial. There's no way that I could be mothering a child who will turn 11 this year!

My precious angel, Chelsea. Someday she will fully understand the amazing miracles that God worked through her arrival. She helped reunite a family. We are all quietly thankful for that blessing.

Chelsea is ALL girl! Pink & purple, frilly & lacy, cheering & dresses. Where did I go wrong? (Just teasing - I love her to pieces, she's just the total opposite of me). While I was a tomboy, who refused to wear a white shirt between the ages of 13 - 18 out of fear that the boys would know I was wearing a bra (I wouldn't be one of the guys anymore), Chelsea embraces her girl-ness.

Friends are a BIG thing right now. I kind of forgot the drama that girl friendships bring. YIKES! Were we REALLY like this? I'm faithful that she will come into her own, find a group of friends who have the same values as we do. I'm not foolish to think that she'll never get into trouble - but a mom can hope, right? We've got some drama right now, but we'll get through it.

Chelsea is a beautiful & precious gift from God. It's been an interesting 'ride' so far - I wonder what else is in store for us!

Many blessings,


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Criss T said...

My daughter Nicole is close in age to Chelsea. She'll be 12 this January. Friends, Friends, Friends! It's her first year in middle school, and we have continuing conversations about what makes someone a true friend, how to trust someone, reasonable expectations, etc. It's getting better, but seriously - I never wanted to relive that drama/trauma, but I going through it all over again at my daughter's side. sigh