Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebooking & friendship

I've always wondered if the people that I knew in high school remember me. What about those from 3rd grade? Kindergarten? I was always a bit of a wall flower. Not a part of the 'popular' crowd, but not the least popular either. My main friends would remember me (I think) but I always thought that everyone else would say "Hmmm.. Allison McCarton. I think I remember her." and then run & bust out the yearbook.

Thanks to Facebook, I've been reunited with a lot of high school friends. Heck, I've been chatting with people that I've known since kindergarten. Granted, it's just an online friendship, but it has brought back memories. Some good & some not-so-good. But either way, it's been great.

There's a part of me that longs for a reunion of some sort. Yet, I think back to my 10 year HS reunion, I remember I thought it was too soon to see some of those people.

Gone are the insecurities that I had in high school - now I have new ones. :) It has still been great to catch up with people that I've known for 31 years. WILD!

Many blessings,

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