Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's tough being a woman

I love to read! Give me a book and chances are it will be completely read in 2-3 days. I've been known to read 5 books in one day (not a frequent occurrence though). So, when a friend of mine at church told me she was an author, I had to read her stuff! This began my 'obsession' with Queen Esther.

My friend, Ginger Garrett, wrote a book The Chosen. It is based on the historical account of Queen Esther of Persia, using the Bible and recently found diaries. As you're reading the story, you forget that this is a true story; a story of a young girl who saved a nation.

I became so enamored with Esther, that I decided that I needed to do a Bible study based on the book of Esther. Not many out there - well none that jumped out at me. Then I heard a rumor.... Beth Moore was scheduled to do a study on Esther.

It has arrived - Esther - It's tough being a woman. So, now I am on a quest to find women in my area who are interested in doing this study with me. I don't have to know them (though a friend or two would be nice); just willing to commit to meet once a week to discuss the book.

Anyway, that's my prayer for the week. That God leads me to a women's study.

Many blessings,

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