Friday, January 16, 2009

Human error?

I heard an interview a few months ago on The Fish with Craig DiMartino, a man who fell 100 ft. while mountain climbing & lived to tell about it. He now lives in chronic pain & had to have a foot amputated.

What I took away from his story was one simple statement that his wife said to him when he was questioning where God was during his fall. She said to him ‘Your accident was human error. It is a miracle that you are alive!’.

How much that goes wrong in our lives is simply because of ‘human error’? We made a bad decision – poor judgment call. God isn’t punishing us – He loves us in spite of our errors. No, He’s calling to us; protecting us from something worse.

I look back on my life & see the pain I’ve endured. It wasn’t that God abandoned me or that He was punishing me from straying away. He guarded me in each & every situation – protecting me from further harm. As a Christian, God never promises us that life will forever be wonderful – without pain & suffering. But He does promise that in our greatest time of need, He will be there to hold us & protect us.

Many blessings,

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