Friday, July 24, 2009

The update post

PRAISE GOD!!! That's the only 2 words that I can come up with that fully describe just how good He is.

Yesterday's procedure went well. My friend, Kristin, was sweet enough to be my designated driver – since I was considered to be 'under the influence' for the entire day. Conveniently enough, we both wore the same color shirt – good thing she got the memo. Hahahaha!!!

Because my veins like to cooperate – HA! - it only took FOUR tries to put the IV in. Thankfully the nurses use lidocaine to numb the area BEFORE putting in the IV. My right arm looks like I've been shooting up heroin (I watch Intervention) and my right hand looks like I've been in a fist fight – they blew a vein and now the knuckles are all black & blue.

Right before they put me under, they asked me if there was anything I would like to say to the doctor before I went to sleep. My brain was screaming to say 'God bless you', but being that he was middle eastern (and in charge of sticking a camera down my throat) and figured I would hold off. Instead, I prayed silently.

I am still awaiting the results of my biopsy, however I did get the WONDERFUL news that I do not have Barrett's Esophagus or Esophageal Cancer. Right now we're continuing with the GERD diagnosis until I go to the allergist next Thursday.

The 2nd update that I want to give you is on Alaina. If you haven't been checking Stephanie's blog, then you are MISSING out!! Alaina is a feisty little stinker just like her mother. God continues to heal this little girl and it sounds like she will be able to go home in about 2 weeks. Thank you for all of the prayers. While Alaina still has a way to go, it's wonderful to see just how far along she has come in her short life.

Many blessings,

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