Friday, July 10, 2009

A day of updates

Doubting that anyone actually reads my blog, I hesitate to update sometimes. But then I realize that even if I don't have any readers, writing is therapy for me. So, I will continue to blog.

I read an AMAZING praise report on Alaina today. She has been transferred back to Gainesville and Stephanie & Scotlon were FINALLY able to hold their precious girl. Stephanie even got to feed her - through a feeding tube, but who cares. Alaina still has a long road ahead, but it is just SO MIRACULOUS to see the progress that she has made. God is SO good!!!

As for me, well, I did receive the results of my blood test. Everything was normal & there is no sign of bacteria in my esophagus. I did make my appointment for the GI doctor which is scheduled for NEXT Friday (July 17th). That's when they'll do the scope. I'm not to thrilled about this process.... you know, the internet is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you can learn TOO much information. Anyway, I am hoping that I will get my results next Friday too. I'll admit, I am worried. The new medication that they gave me isn't giving me the relief that I was hoping for. Maybe it just takes time.

I also made an appointment for the allergist. Quite honestly, I am praying that my GERD is allergy induced (I just read an article about that). We'll see... only time will tell.

In the meantime, I'm living life. Hubby, kids, work, church. Showed the kids the Epi-pen yesterday so they know it's not a toy. Of course, when I woke up today the 1st thing they asked was 'Do we need to use the needle? Are you having allergies today?' Why do I have a feeling that these 2 are EAGER to use a needle on me!??!?!? Paybacks!

I serve an awesome God!!

Many blessings,

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