Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A day of praise!

While I truly believe that we should praise our heavenly Father EVERY day, today He gets some extra praise! He is working miracles in people's lives and I cannot stop singing His praise.

MckMama & Stellan - Stellan still needs to be airlifted to Boston for his ablation, however the doctors have been able to get him to a point where it is not so critical. Yesterday, he celebrated his 9-month birthday... while he was in the hospital, it is still a miracle that he has survived this long given his original prognosis 18 months ago. Continue to pray for Stellan & his family; he's not out of the woods yet, but you can certainly see God working through this little man.

Stephanie, Scotlon & Alaina - I got a surprise phone call from Stephanie yesterday that warmed my heart. Alaina is breathing on her own now - NO oxygen needed except for what she takes in through her little mouth/lungs! She's still in the hospital, as they need to ween her off of her feeding tube. The prayer is that she starts getting the hang of feeding (either breast or bottle) so that she can FINALLY come home with her parents. But, again, God is working in this princess.

Me - Every day God gives me a clearer picture of His current plan for me. I still struggle with my 'break up' but everyday God gives me a peace about it. He has renewed my marriage, blessed us with a wonderful circle of friends to do life with and united our families. There are still a bunch of things on the horizon for us, but we have faith that God will continue to see us through.

Please leave a comment & share your praise. I would LOVE to celebrate with you.

Many blessings,

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