Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walking down memory lane

Today is perfect timing!! Especially since Chelsea's birthday yesterday has given me cause to walk down memory lane.

The kids LOVE to hear their birth stories. Especially Chelsea because hers was particularly interesting - not that Justin's wasn't, but his was different.

Toward the end of my pregnancy with Chelsea, I started experiencing complications. Quite honestly, I had problems throughout with high blood pressure. No one picked up on it until the very end though.

I was hospitalized about a week before I delivered Chelsea because of my blood pressure. I want to say that it rose to 210/120. Once in the hospital, it lowered itself back down to normal. Sent home on complete bed rest, I wound up BACK in the hospital just 2 days later.

On the morning of July 14, pitocin began. I remember being in the birthing suite and suddenly hearing a woman SCREAMING 'Get this thing out of me!'. What had I gotten myself into? I think within 15 minutes, labor started for me. HOLY COW!! Talk about pain! Birthing classes did not describe this pain accurately.

Labor was 12 hours. FINALLY it was time to push. I'm lazy - I'll admit it. I gave up pushing after 1 hour and BEGGED for a c-section. Not sure why the doctor readily agreed to it, but I was not disappointed when they wheeled me into the OR. What I was NOT prepared for was the fact that my epidural wasn't working enough to do a c-section. There was no choice but to put me under.

I don't remember much after that... besides throwing up on a nurse and being told that I had a baby girl.

What I do remember is looking at my daughter for the 1st time and falling head-over-heels in love!

Enjoy the memory!

Many blessings,


Linda said...

I guess the woman screaming,..."Get this thing out of me!"... might have scared ya a little bit!

The first birth, and the pain is always something we can't truly imagine. It can be horrible. But what a sweet blessing it can reap, is so worth it when that baby is lying in your arms!

As you said, it is love at first sight.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

birth stories are fun to share...not sure why, though!!!
Thanks for sharing yours!!! And Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Criss T said...

Pitocin is evil, evil stuff.