Friday, September 4, 2009

A little something for the boys

Lately, it seems like I've only been focusing on my daughter's life. Not true, not true. Granted, her life has seen a few more 'issues' lately, but Justin is just as important.

One thing I am noticing is that there really aren't too many ministries geared toward pre-teen boys. I contemplate finding a way to start one, but wouldn't know where to begin. Besides, I haven't done much with my Mending Hearts Ministry lately. I shouldn't be starting another one.

Back to the topic at hand..

A few weeks ago, the family took a trip to our local Christian bookstore to find a family devotional - BTW, not an easy task but we finally found one! While we were there, the kids looked around too. Both found books/series that they were interested in. Between the 50% sale AND a coupon, we decided to get them a little treat too!

Justin found a book series by The Miller Brothers called Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow. It's spiritual warfare Harry Potter style. Reading it has been slow going for Justin, mainly because school is back in session, but now that he learned a 2nd book in the series is being released on 9.9.09, he plans on finishing the 1st book and begging for the 2nd! Of course, I've decided that I want to see what he's reading and I LOVE it! We're fighting over the book - Hahahaha!

I see a great Christmas gift in Justin's future - autographed copy of the 2nd book - and maybe even a t-shirt or 2.

Granted, this isn't a ministry, it is geared for Justin's age group. I can only pray that over time I will learn of a ministry, but for now I am thankful that there are Christian books that hold his interest.

Many blessings,

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