Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad parenting 101

I really don't think we're bad parents, but tonight certainly made me feel like one.

One of my BIGGEST fears is that one of my children would be taken from me. Some crazed psycho would find a way to smuggle them out of WalMart - sort of like Adam Walsh. When they are not in my line of sight, I suddenly have that panic feeling in my heart.

We've gone so far as to explain to the kids why it is important to stay near us. Even told them (the watered down version) about Adam Walsh. Needless to say, they're usually pretty good about staying near us.

Except for tonight. Chelsea has a tendency to flit around the store, near where we are, but ocassionally we can't see her. We tell her over & over to stay near where we can see her. Tonight - guess she left her listening ears at home. While Justin was trying on a halloween costume, Chelsea wandered out of sight. Craig & I decided to 'hide' - we went 1 row over & had her in our sight.

After about 2 minutes, Chelsea realized that she was alone. Immediately she tried calling me on my cell phone & then panic hit. Craig went over to her & she started to cry. The sheer terror in her eyes - broke our hearts. We can only hope that she can now understand the importance of staying near us.

The WalMart employee at the dressing rooms gave us a look - which made me feel even worse.

How do you teach your kids to stay with you? Tell them about the dangers of life, but not completely freak them out?

Praying you find the way,

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