Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a great place to volunteer!!!

It's been rainy here in Georgia, which usually leads to boring weekends. With baseball practice cancelled once again, we were THRILLED to head to church in the afternoon for a volunteer get together. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me; only my cell phone.

UpStreet staff decided to honor their volunteers & families with a great day of food, fun & football! You know the men were thrilled to be watching a game, the kids were wearing themselves out in the jump houses & the ladies were thrilled they weren't at home playing referee.

During each commercial break, Tennessee Steve & Florida K-Love entertained us with contests & door prizes! We were the lucky winners of 4 tickets for SlapShots roller rink.

Half time proved to be the most entertaining! The North Forsyth High School Drum Line performed - they are AMAZING!!! Then we were treated to the cheers of the MidWay Wolverine Cheerleaders; very cute!!! No sporting event is complete without some 'famous' football players. Some of the UpStreet & WaumbaLand volunteers are local high school football players. They were nice enough to let us cheer for them & sign some autographs. Thanks North & West Forsyth guys!

The team I was rooting for didn't win, but we still had a great time! A fun way to spend family time & hang with your fellow volunteers. We don't usually have time to chat on Sundays!

Many blessings,

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