Monday, August 31, 2009

'Mean' Mommy Moment & Not Me Monday

OK... it's not necessarily a MEAN mommy moment, but I couldn't think of a catchier title.

Lately, I would say over the past few months, Chelsea has developed a sleep-walking thing. She'll get up, do or say something ridiculously funny, and go right back to bed. Next morning - no recollection.

Tonight, as I was catching up on some blog reading, was one of those nights. I swear when you look at her you would think that she's awake, but once she starts trying to have a conversation - FORGET IT! That's when you KNOW she's sleeping.

I cannot even begin to try to explain to you what she just said. Something about something that I said and being in a hallway and being a little nervous, but she likes her bracelet so she's OK.

It takes every ounce of strength not to burst out laughing at her when she does this - that's where the MEAN mom comes in. Who laughs at their kids like this?

I could turn this into a NOT ME MONDAY segment:

No, I am not the mother who finds humor in her child's sleepwalking conversations!

Anyway, she's back in her bed now, all tucked in and sound asleep. Guess I should be heading to bed too.

Many blessings,

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