Friday, August 21, 2009

See through

The other day I wrote a post about being transparent in our community group. I realized that the best way my blog can be effective is if I continue that transparency.

I'm mad as H-E double hockey sticks!!! My daughter is being sexually harassed on the school bus. My heart hurts for her. She didn't want to go to school this morning, saying her stomach hurt & she felt like she was going to throw up. I never wanted her to have to feel this way - victimized. We have notified the school & bus service regarding the incident. You would think that it would make me feel better, but it doesn't. I have no way of knowing what this kid's punishment is going to be. I have to put trust in others that it will be handled swiftly & appropriately. That's not easy for me.

As I read over that those last few sentences, I realize that the ONLY person I need to trust is God. He will see us through this. He gave Chelsea the strength & courage to speak up; He will give her the strength & courage to persevere.

Something else I need to do - pray for the boy. Somewhere he learned this behavior and thinks its acceptable. My prayer is that this boy realizes that girls/women are to be honored & respected. They aren't worthless garbage to be lusted after. Ah, chalk another one up to the destruction of morals in our society.

Parents, we need to take action. Be proactive! It stinks that I had to talk to my son about this incident, but I am glad that I did. Now he knows where my husband & I stand on this issue. Our daughter knows that she is a HERO for coming forward & not accepting this behavior. By her talking about it, it gives him less power & can help other girls from having to endure the same thing by this boy.

Many blessings,

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